Hi, my name is Malina Tran. I am a software engineer based in Los Angeles. I work for sweetgreen, turning salads into code and code into salads. I am passionate about healthy eating through a plant-based diet and I am an advocate for animal liberation.

If you are reading this, please consider going vegan. If you are not vegan, then you are contributing to the needless slaughter of trillions of animals per year. This is true for every non-vegan, even if you are a vegetarian, a pescatarian, or someone who does meatless Mondays.

We don't need to eat animal products, including eggs and dairy, to survive or even to be healthy. We don't need to experiment on them to make sure our products are safe. We don't need to wear their skin or their fur to stay warm. We don't need to hunt, capture, or enslave them in order to be entertained.

Nothing can justify what we do to animals. Even if you have been tricked into believing that your free-range chickens and organic grass-fed cows lived a good life, they still had to die in order to end up on your plate. They did not want to die for your taste pleasure, and they especially did not want to die as babies.

Animal agriculture is the leading contributor to climate change. If we do not become vegan, then humans risk extinction. Do animals taste so good that you are willing to risk the lives of future generations, including your own family, just to continue eating them?

Watch Dominion. Align your values with your actions. Go vegan.